Winter Park Honey is Pure, Raw, Natural Honey

     Winter Park Honey is dedicated to helping bees create the finest honey possible.  All of our honey is pure, raw, natural honey.  We consistently win first place in honey taste contests.  Our honey comes straight from the comb to the bottle.  We have a state certified honey house that is inspected annually by the Florida Department of Agriculture.   Our honey is inspected randomly throughout the year by the United States Food and Drug Administration.   In addition to random testing by the FDA, we have our honey tested by an independent lab to ensure that our honey is pure, raw and free of pesticides.
Winter Park Honey is made by the bees, bottled by hand, all in the U.S.A.

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Local Wildflower Honey infused with pollen
Patent Pending

     Our Local Wildflower Honey infused with pollen (Patent Pending) is our BEST SELLER.  This is a great honey to take during the pollen allergy season.  This honey is infused with a huge variety of bee pollen as well as wind blown pollen that bees do not collect.  We combined our engineering backgrounds with our knowledge of honey to create the ultimate local wildflower honey for the allergy season.   This honey is infused with pollens from all seasons.

Buckwheat Honey infused with turmeric and cinnamon
Joint Health

     Customers all over the country are raving about this honey.  This is our SECOND BIGGEST SELLER.  Many of our customers take this honey daily to maintain Joint Health.

Fireweed Honey

     Fireweed Honey is known as the Champagne of all honeys.  This is a light mild tasting honey.  The honey is only harvested every 5 – 10 years.  It takes just the right weather conditions for the flowers to produce nectar for the bees.   Enjoy this honey while it lasts.

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Lucky You! Enter the coupon code NEWSTORE to receive 10% off the first order that you place.

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