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Please try our new store!  For your convenience, our new store offers a recurring order option.  We welcome you to check it out…and just for using our new store, please enter the coupon code NEWSTORE to receive 10% off the first order that you place.

Family owned – Est. 2006 – Bottled by hand – Made in U.S.A. – 855-WPHoney (974-6639) – LocalHoney@WinterParkHoney.com

Tried & Tested

Our honey comes to you straight from the comb to the bottle.  We don’t heat our honey so the natural goodness that the bees work so hard to put in the honey stays there.  We don’t use filters or strainers so our honey is loaded with all of the goodness that nature intended.

Our honey has been tested at a certified honey testing facility and has met and exceeded all honey standards.

Award Winning Honey
Winter Park Honey has won numerous awards for excellent taste and quality. Our allergy and health formulas really work!
jeann scott beekeepers
Winter Park Honey is a family owned honey company dedicated to helping bees create the finest honey possible. We provide raw, unfiltered, virgin honey “straight from the comb to the bottle”.
Winter Park Honey Apiary
Winter Park Honey is located in Winter Park, Florida and Winter Park, Colorado. We winter the bees in sunny Florida and summer them in cool Colorado!

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